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AFIAfrican Feminist Initiative



The African Feminist Initiative organizes international conferences centered around a theme important to African feminists. 

Upcoming Conferences

The African Feminist Initiative invites you to its annual conference on the theme of African Women, Gender and Immigration to explore the way the global securitization of immigration has created new patterns of (im)mobility for African women migrants. The conference will be hosted in Riad Sultan, Tangier, Morocco on June 9 – 10. 

Past Conferences

The African Feminist Initiative has organized five international meetings so far. Each meeting has a theme based on the most pressing issues to African feminists. Our past themes include:

  1. Human Rights and Subjectivity – March 2016, Penn State
  2. African Feminisms Around the World  – September 2016
  3. African Muslim Feminisms – May 2017, Morocco
  4. African Feminist Histories – April 2019, Penn State
  5. The State of Women’s and Gender Studies in Africa – September 2019, Italy

Past Conference Fliers