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Feminist Dialogues

Feminist Dialogues

Each month, the AFI hosts a feminist dialogue on a key issue that is affecting the African feminist community. Our goal is to start a dialogue on critical African feminist ideas, expressions, movements, and histories. Anyone who is a member of our listserv can participate in these moderated conversations using a phone or computer. Topics vary from month to month but usually stem from discussions that emerge on our listserv. Feminist Dialogues are recorded and uploaded to our site for viewing later for those who could not attend.

Zinhle ka’Nobuhlaluse facilitates the Feminist Dialogues and Feminist Book Talks. Rebecca Rwakabukoza co-moderates the Feminist Dialogues with Zinhle. Feminist spaces constantly call for the need for intergenerational dialogues. Often this call treats “intergenerational” as a special topic on its own, as though every conversation should not have an intergenerational element to it. This year’s dialogues are motivated by this very intergenerational desire. Importantly, we hope that we can venture into a transgenerational space, where we are able to transcend the generational markers and meet each other with compassion, humility, deep listening, respect and be forward-looking. To mirror this call, we will be co-moderating our dialogues for this year. This is also an invitation for more young and upcoming scholars to join our conversational spaces.

If you would like to join our listserv and receive information on future Feminist Dialogues, please contact Alicia Decker. 



Zinhle ka’Nobuhlaluse (formally known as Nompumelelo Zinhle Manzini), born in South Africa,  is a dual-title Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Penn State. She specializes in Critical philosophy of race, Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, and African Philosophy. She completed her MPhil in Philosophy at the University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa) as a Mandela Rhodes Scholar. She has published texts on African Philosophy at the intersections of personhood, gender, ability and queer alterity. Her research has been published in the Journal of World Philosophies, Critical Philosophy of Race, South African Journal of Philosophy and AGENDA. She is also a certified 200-hr. Yoga instructor. 

Rebecca Rwakabukoza

Rebecca Rwakabukoza is a Ph.D. History student at Northwestern University where she is studying the history of reproductive health practice in Western Uganda. She is part of the research team of Wulira! a podcast that re-members women’s contribution, experiences, and scholarship in the Uganda story.