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AFI Feminist Dialogue on Care in Relation

AFI Feminist Dialogue on Care in Relation
Jan 31, 2023

On December 6, 2022, Gabeba Baderoon was in conversation with Awino Okech in which they reflected on what Gabeba termed “Feminist Anger” referencing what occurs when feminists disagree with one another. The dialogue gave crucial insights into how we (feminists) may manage rage and what anger exposes. Care was an important component of the discourse; particularly in thinking about to proceed with care in ways that are sustainable for the person, for others, and for feminist communities as a whole. Our first dialogue for 2023 will continue the discussion on feminist care. The invitation is for us to reflect more thoroughly about what care looks like, to create place for many types of care, and to establish intentions for respecting such care as we engage in our varied encounters. While Gabeba Baderoon, Zinhle ka’Nobuhluluse, and Rebecca Rwakabuzo will lead the dialogue, we hope that the metaverse will be filled by everyone’s voices.

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Poster of AFI Feminist Dialogue on Care in Relation to Handling Feminist Anger