Initiatives of the AFI

African Feminist Oral History Project

  • In recognition of the richness and diversity that is African feminisms, we have begun constructing a digital archive that will house in-depth oral history interviews with various African feminist scholars and activists. We plan to include links to these interviews on this website under the Archives tab. Stay tuned for updates on this project.

African Feminist Lecture Series

  • The African Feminist Lecture Series highlights the work of scholars and activists who are addressing and/or engaging with African feminisms in various ways. The series features lectures, panel discussions, and film screenings. Our goal is to bring critical African feminist ideas, expressions, movements, and histories to a much broader audience. We have recorded some of these lectures and will be uploading them to the Archives tab of this website.

Teaching African Feminisms

  • In an effort to expose new generations of students to the richness and diversity that is African feminisms, we have developed three new academic courses. These include two graduate courses: (1) African Feminisms and (2) Gender and Islam in Africa, and one undergraduate course: Women, Gender, and Feminisms in Africa. We expect to develop additional courses in the near future. Our long-term goal is to create a dual-title Ph.D. in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and African Studies.

International Conferences and Workshops

  • The AFI has organized four international meetings thus far: (1) Human Rights and Subjectivity (March 2016, Penn State), (2) African Feminisms Around the World (September 2016, Penn State), (3) African Muslim Feminisms (May 2017, Morocco), and (4) African Feminist Histories (April 2019, Penn State). We will host our next international workshop in September 2019 at the Bellagio Center (Lake Como, Italy) on the state of Women's and Gender Studies in Africa. Please check back for additional details.

Scholarly Publications

  • The AFI has a number of exciting publication projects in the works. We recently co-edited a special issue of Meridians: Feminism, Race, Transnationalism on African Feminist Cartographies, which was published in late 2018. We are also working on several new projects stemming from our most recent conferences.

African Feminist Dialogues

  • Each month, the AFI hosts a feminist dialogue on a key issue that is affecting the African feminist community. Anyone who is a member of our listserv can participate in these moderated conversations using a phone or computer.  Topics vary from month to month, but usually stem from discussions that emerge on our listserv. Feminist Dialogues are recorded and uploaded to the Archives tab of this website. To join the listserv and receive information on future Feminist Dialogues, please contact Alicia Decker at

Feminist Residency at Penn State

  • As part of our mission to create productive and equitable partnerships with African feminist scholars and activists, we created a Feminist Residency at Penn State. Although “Feminists in Residence” spend most of their time working on scholarly or creative projects, they also have opportunities to network with members of the larger Penn State community, through either classroom visits, guest lectures, or one-on-one meetings. Past residents include Dr. Mary Hames (University of the Western Cape, September 2016), Dr. Zimitri Erasmus (Wits University, April 2018), and Sanja Nivesjo (Stockholm University, August-December 2018). Please check back for additional details on future residencies as they become available.
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