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Maha Marouan

Maha Marouan
Associate Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and African Studies
The Pennsylvania State University


Maha Marouan


Dr. Marouan’s scholarship engages the intersections of race, gender and religion in Africa and the African Diaspora

Specializations / Research Interest(s)

  • Comparative Literature, Literary Criticism, African Diaspora Studies, Transnational Feminism, African Feminism, Comparative Racialization, Religious Studies, Immigration Studies
  • African and African Diaspora Women’s Literature in English, French, Arabic, and Spanish
  • Religions of Africa and the African Diaspora
  • Islamic Africa, Race and the Trans-Saharan Slave Trade
  • Immigration, Race, Gender, and Belonging


  • UNDERGRADUATE: Religions of the African Diaspora (AFAM 145), Women of the African Diaspora (AFAM 102), African Diaspora Women Spirituality (AFAM 410), Global Feminisms (WMNST 200), Gender, Race and Religion in Cuba (AFAM 497)
  • GRADUATE: Gender and Sexualities in the African Diaspora (AFAM 503), Cultures of the African Diaspora (AFAM 502), Transnational Feminisms (WMNST 502), African Feminism (WMNST 550)

Titles & Affiliations

  • Associate Professor of African American Studies
  • Associate Professor of Women Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Co-Director, African Feminist Initiative (
  • Co-Convener, African Studies Association Women’s Caucus




  • Witches, Goddesses and Angry Spirits: The Politics of Spiritual Liberation in African Diaspora Women’s Fiction, Ohio State University Press, 2013
  • Co-editor, Race and Displacement: Nation, Migration and Identity in the Twenty-First Century, University of Alabama Press, 2013


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